Flat Rate Tax Table Set Up

This article is for users wanting to set up a flat tax rate for their employees.

In instances where a flat rate of tax is to be withheld by the payer, a tax table can be set up to accommodate this requirement in Wagemaster. For example, payers may receive a PAYG variation to withholding notice.

To accommodate this, a flat rate tax table may need to be setup and relevant employees linked to it.

  1. Tax Table setup
    • Navigate to Setup > Tax > Tables                                                  Screenshot_2021-06-21_150038.png
    • To set up a flat rate tax table, Click on Add and enter a relevant description for the new tax table ie. “Flat Rate 15%”, followed by detail as shown in the below screenshot where (a) represents the percentage as a decimal.                                               090200217655238.png
    • Click ok and Close to Save it
  2. Employee tax table: Link this tax table to any relevant employees from Employee > Payments > Tax > Tax TableScreenshot_2021-06-21_145725.png
    • Select the new tax table from the list and click close to save changes 


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