Link a Wagemaster file to the Replacement File


After the Replacement file is complete the Wagemaster file will be unlinked from the Existing file and will appear as a local file. The Wagemaster file needs to be a link to the new file (from July 2021) and the local file to be moved to another location.


Step 1. Link the Wagemaster File

  1. Login to File Manager.
  2. Ensure your Wagemaster file is closed.
  3. Click on the Agrimaster file you wish to link the Wagemaster file to.
  4. Click on the Link orange banner.
  5. Choose the correct file to link to your Agrimaster Plus subscription. 
  6. Select upload to link the files.
  7. Once the file has been linked it should appear like below. There will now be two copies of the Wagemaster file, one is linked to your Agrimaster file and backed up. the other is saved locally on your computermceclip4.png
  8. Please Contact Agrimaster customer support to complete the final steps, where they will check the final setup and move the local file so there is only one Wagemaster file showing in your file manager screen. 


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