Begin using the Replacement File as the Main file

This article covers when and how to start using the Replacement File as your Main file.


When can the Replacement File be used as the Main file?

  1. All the steps to the Replacement file setup guide have been completed
  2. The Replacement file process has expired   
    • The amount of time that is remaining until the files expire can be seen in File Manager. mceclip2.png
    • If you wish to start using the new file prior to the Replacement files expiry date contact Customer Support by submitting a ticket or calling the Customer Support phone line on (08) 63 808 800.

Once you begin using the Replacement File as your Main file there are some additional steps for Customers that use Wagemaster. Click here to follow the steps to Link a Wagemaster File To The Replacement File.


How To se the Replacement File as New file?

The Replacement file is now the file you will be used for all your data entry from now on. your file manager should now look something similar to this image below.

To open your new file, select it from the list and then open the file using the Open A File process.





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