STP Update Report

This article is for users who want to run STP Update Report.

STP Mark Final Pay Reporting Event article explores more on this section. You can also use this same window, without commitment, to acquire employees’ year to date payment values for use in your balancing.

  1. Navigate to this via STP> STP Reporting > STP Update.21.png
  2. Run the STP Update Filters for All Employees and your current financial year. If you have changed your year-end boundaries, they would be reflected here. 22.png
  3. The resulting window offers a page-based report via the Print Report button on the bottom left of
    the window. Alternatively, use the Export button on the top right to export the grid to Excel. 23.png

Please Note

This Export function only offers values that are showing in the grid. Use the right mouse click, then customise to bring up the Customization dialogue shown. Drag and drop all headings into the main grid alongside existing headings. In this way, your export to Excel will be all-inclusive. 

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