Payment Summary Report (Year to Date)

This article is for users who want to run a year to date Payment Summary Report.

If you have changed your financial year-end boundaries then you would run the report with dates ranges outlined in your File > Company Details > Configuration > Period End for the current year.


If you have utilized the Period End option, but would still like to create the reports using Wagemaster’s Financial Year to date option, you will need to utilize an additional report Reports > Payment Summary > Financial Year Difference to balance what will be recorded on the employee’s ATO payment summaries for the financial year 2020/21.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Payment Summary > Year to Date (Financial).1.png
  2. The payment summary is a record of what your employees have been paid through Wagemaster for the financial year as per their saved payslips. Screenshot_2021-06-09_154737.png
  3. The net and tax totals from this Payment Summary Report need to balance to Agrimaster totals. 

Reasons For Discrepancies

  • Year to date values for terminated employees may not have been brought forward from a previous payroll system if you crossed over to Wagemaster mid financial year. 
  • Payments have been made to employees outside of Wagemaster and recorded in your Agrimaster/GL/Bank Deposits but not in Wagemaster payroll. 
  • Data has been entered into a different copy of the original database. 
  • Employee files have been deleted. 
  • You have setup an alternate period end within your period end table and not customized this report’s date range to match (use the Financial Year Payment Summary Difference Report). 
  • You haven't entered some payslips.

Once a discrepancy is identified and understood, it can then be rectified. If additional payments need to be entered a supplementary payslip may be used. Go to File > Maintenance > Supplementary Payslip.

After making any required amendments, re-run this report and confirm the figures are now correct. Every other report should now balance back to this Payment Summary Report. 

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