All Files are Appearing as Verifying

This article is for customers experiencing the recent issue where all files in the file overview list appear as 'Verifying':



The browser cache and browser data will need to be cleared in order to load all the files. Until then, all the files will only be able to be opened in read-only until the following steps are performed. 


Known Solution/Fix Instructions

Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Clear Browser Data through Inspect Element
  2. Refresh the browser
        • Open File Manager by double-clicking the Agrimaster icon on your desktop, then press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard and let go, the page should automatically refresh.

Why does this happen?

This may occur after visual changes have been made in Agrimaster in an update.

As we have recently enabled new features such as Bank Feeds (and Replacement file that will be shortly be made public). these features involve minor visual changes to File Manager.

Your Internet browser's aim is to deliver you a website as fast as possible. For this reason, they store information in their cache to load a website faster every time.

In the case of Agrimaster, your browser is storing the old visual appearance of File Manager. When you clear your cache as outlined in the instructions above, your browser will attempt to load the most up to date visual changes from Agrimasters File Manager and is accessing old data, this is why your file is appearing as 'Verifying'

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