STP Dataflow

This article describes the typical data flow of pay event information between the components that make up the STP payroll solution.

The Software Components Are

  1. Payroll Software
    This is the desktop application users use to report payroll information to the ATO,
    i.e. Access WageEasy known as Wagemaster for Agrimaster clients.
  2. MicrOpay Client Service
    This is a separate console application that is installed as part of the payroll software and is responsible for communications between the payroll software and the STP gateway.
  3. STP Gateway
    This is an external, hosted service that provides the connection and messaging service to guarantee reliable delivery of data to the ATO.11.png

Technical Requirements

To ensure that the Payroll Software can successfully send data to the ATO, the
following changes may be required:

  • The MicrOpay Client Service (MCS) is typically installed in the following locations:
    • Access WageEasy - C:\Program Files (x86)\Wage Easy Payroll\MCS\MicropayClientServicesService.exe.
  • To function, the MCS application must have the following permissions:
    • Executable permission for the user running the payroll application.
    • Access to web addresses belonging to the domain (Express Super already requires this).
    • Outgoing SSL traffic on port 443 must be allowed through the firewall.
  • Event logging requires a new ‘event source’ to be created. A utility is available to do this, and we are currently testing it in the hosted pre-prod environment.

Testing Connectivity

These steps can be performed to test if the payroll application can successfully connect to the STP Gateway:

  1. Log in to the payroll application.
  2. Open the STP Setup screen.
    • For Wagemaster: Press the STP button on the toolbar.
  3. Navigate through the wizard to the Gateway tab.
  4. Type Test in the Client ID and Password text boxes.
  5. Press the Test Connection button.
  6. If the MCS is able to successfully connect to the STP Gateway, a message will
    be returned, e.g. Incorrect Client ID or Password or similar. Errors like
    Unknown Error or Access Denied indicates a configuration issue that is
    preventing the MCS from connecting to the STP Gateway.
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