Allowances/RESC/FBT In STP

In STP Reporting in Wagemaster, by default, the STP screen will show Gross, ATO Gross, Tax and Net. This article will step you through the process to see other items on the STP screen, i.e. allowances which are set to show separately in STP Reporting and on ATO Payment Summary Reports and FBT values which have been entered on the employees ATO Summaries screen.

Some allowances need to show separately in STP Reporting (ATO Payment Summaries/Reports).  

Ensure That The Allowance Has Been Setup Correctly

  1. Navigate to Setup > Allowances > Select and Edit the allowance. 
  2. On the ATO Payment Summary tab, ensure that the Show on ATO Payment Summary box is ticked and Allowance selected. 
  3. The Report in STP box should also be ticked and the correct category selected. 1.png2.png

The ATO has details regarding which Allowances should show separately and which ATO Type to us: Types of Allowances - ATO.

To Show Allowances In STP Reporting

  1. Double click the Pay Event to report, or a previously reported pay event to see the Pay Event Details screen. 
  2. Right-click on this screen (in the example below, right-click was done on the highlighted line in the Status column) and the Customise box will appear. 
  3. Select (left-click) the customise box.3.png
  4. Find the item/type you are looking for (you may need to scroll down); in my example I selected Laundry.
  5. Once you have clicked on the item you require, drag and drop it into the details.  In my example below, I will drop it next to Gross.5.png
  6. Once the item is in the desired position, close the Customisation screen and tick the Set as Default Layout box at the bottom of the screen to retain this item in the grid. 
  7. Click Ok.
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