Determine And Adjust Super Boundaries

This article is for users who have adjusted their year-end boundaries or have paid a pay run in advance/later and would like a pay run to be included in the next month's super calculation and reports.

Please Note

If you have a weekly or fortnightly pay period, a PPE date of June 2023, and your EFT payment date is before Saturday 01 July; you can skip this step. This step can also be skipped if you have monthly pay, with a PPE date of 30 June and an EFT payment date before 01 July.

Changes in super boundaries are necessary when the last PPE of a month is payable in the following month, i.e., the month ends on Friday 30th, and employees will receive their payment in the following month.

Or when the first PPE of a month is payable in advance, i.e., a PPE ending on the 1st of a month is paid to employees on the 30th of the previous month.

Please Note

Changing the superannuation boundary will not affect other superannuation types, such as salary sacrifice and employer additional and employee contributions, as these are set in the individual employee file. Please also consider possible requirements for manual treatment of any RESC items and employee contributions depending on circumstances.

SGC Superannuation

Wagemaster tracks SGC superannuation on a monthly basis.

  • If the last PPE in a month is payable in the following month, then this amount of SGC superannuation must be reported as part of the new month.
  • If the first PPE in a month is paid to employees in the previous month, then this super contribution should be included in the previous month.

Since the tracking occurs on a monthly basis, any PPE dates included in a month will be included in that month’s super report.

You will need to follow the steps below to ensure the SGC paid is reported in the correct month:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences >Configuration > Period End > Superannuation.                      
  • Create a super boundary to exclude the final pay in June from the June SGC Superannuation Tracking calculation.
  • Change the superannuation boundary to exclude the last PPE of the month or the first PPE of the month from SGC monthly tracking.
  • In the example here, we have excluded the last four days of June, considering the pay period ending on the 27th of June is paid in July. 23.png
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