Hours Converter In Wagemaster

Wagemaster payslip hours, whether it is timesheet entry or standard pays, are entered in hours and minutes. The same rule applies to the payment of leave. An Hours Converter is available within the Tools menu.

For Example

10 ½ hours would be entered as 10:30.


  1. To convert from decimal to hours and minutes (hh: mm) use the To hh: mm.
  2. To convert from hours and minutes (hh: mm) to decimal use the To decimal.
  3. After entering the value, press the Tab key to see the converted value.
  4. The Copy button allows you to copy the converted value and paste it into the Standard Pays screen at wages, within the Employee file or Leave fields. It is possible to have the Hours Converter open at the same time as processing wages, making this calculation and copy function much easier.

For Example

For an employee whose salary is based on a 38 hour week, but where pays are made on a calendar monthly basis, the following calculation was performed:

38 (hours) x 52 (weeks) / 12 (months/pay periods) = 164.66667. By entering this value in the To hh: mm field, the conversion is 164.40.


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