Processing Wages For A Salaried Employee

This article will discuss the different wages processing options of Standard Pays & Auto Process for a salaried employee. 

You can watch our video tutorial below:

Wages Processing – Standard Pays

  1. Standard Pays can be processed from Wages > Timesheet. You will see the pre-populated timesheet.
  2. Click Next to add additional payment information, such as allowances or leave, or to review the details of the payslip, simply select Next, to access the Adjustments screen or Next twice, to review the payslip.
  3. If Standard Pays hours need to be adjusted, for example, to pay some hours as leave instead, this can be done on the above Standard Pays screen by clicking in the Quantity field.
    For Example
    A calendar monthly pay period where 162:30 hours are the norm, with a week of annual leave taken, in this example 37:30 hours, the standard hours would be reduced to 125:00.14.png
  4. On the Adjustments and Leave screen, the 37:30 hours of annual leave would be entered.15.png
  5. If leave is entered within the employee's file as Planned Leave, before wages is accessed, the system will automatically adjust the Standard Pays hours down, by the number of hours being taken as leave.  
  6. The Adjustments screen also provides a snapshot of the currently entered payment information. These items can be adjusted by clicking on the relevant menu item (on the left) and making the necessary changes (on the right-hand side).
  7. The following screen is the payslip, with details of the previously entered Standard Pays and adjustments items.  Clicking on the Save button on the Payslip screen will save the payslip.
  8. If the payslip does not show the correct information, further adjustments can be made by clicking the Back button.

Wages Processing – Auto Processing

  1. In addition to processing wages through the Timesheet option, Standard Pays can also be processed via the Autopay option from Wages > Auto, individually or together with predefined timesheets, time cards and planned (scheduled) leave payments.17.png
  2. The Data Preparation screen provides information on the number of Standard Pays to be processed as part of this auto process.
  3. A summary of the Standard Pays to be processed is provided on the Scheduled Pay Slips screen. Click on the + next to Standard Pay Payments to see a list of the employees. If you need to make any adjustments to these pays for leave entries or allowance payments, right-click on the employee and select Process Manually.19.png
  4. After selecting Next from the above screen and Start on the next screen, these payslips will be automatically created and saved.

You can also use Hours Converter In Wagemaster

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