My Bank Account Names In The Bank Feeds Section Look Different To My Online Banking Setup?

The bank account name/s from your online banking flow through to File Manager once a Bank Feed is connected. The account name/s will show what has been set it up in your online banking.

However, as this is controlled by illion, the bank feeds provider, bank account names may differ depending on your bank.

For example:

  • In Farmer Jane's online banking, her account is called Easypay Access Account:mceclip0.png
  • In File Manager, you can see the name Easy Pay Access Account has come through from the bank correctly and is shown on the left side:mceclip1.png Please note: On the right side this is how the bank account is setup in Agrimaster, i.e it says 'Farmer Jane'. If you wish to rename a bank account name or change the order of your bank accounts, please see Step One: Bank Account Maintenance to amend.
  • If a bank account does not come through please contact us.
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