Employees Without Tax File Numbers

This article is for users who have a correct/missing/waiting tax file number for their employee. 

Your STP reporting fails if one of the employees has missing information. 

For Employees, without tax file numbers the following options can be entered:

  • 000 000 000 – No TFN quoted by Employee.
  • 111 111 111 – Employee applying for TFN.
  • 333 333 333 – Employee under 18 and not earning enough to pay tax*
  • 444 444 444 -- Employee is a pensioner.
  • 987 654 321 -- Alphabetic characters in quoted TFN.

*Employees have 28 days to give their payer a completed tax file number declaration form with their tax file number (TFN) on it or to claim an exemption from quoting a TFN. An exemption from having a tax file number may be claimed if the employee will not earn enough income to pay tax and they are under 18 years of age.

Add Tax File Number In Wagemaster 

  1. Navigate to employee record > click on Payments > Tax.5.png 
  2. Add the TFN number and Click on Close to save the changes
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