Cashing Out Leave

This article will take you through the process in Wagemaster of paying out leave without the employee taking leave.

To Cash Out Accrued Annual Leave

  1. In Wages, process hours on the employee’s timesheet for times worked in the current pay period, click Next.
  2. Select Leave on the left-hand side of the Adjustments screen and Add, ensuring you are in Express Mode2.png
  3. Select the leave type from the drop-down box, i.e. Annual Leave in the example but you can select Long Service Leave.
  4. Select a date (the same date for from and to) that is not a normal working day for the employee, i.e. a Saturday or Sunday.
  5. Input the number of days/hours like the below example and click Ok. 4.png
  6. Click Next to view the employee’s payslip.

Example of the employee’s payslip:


In this example, we can see that the employee has worked a full 38hr week and they wanted to cash out 38hrs of the annual leave.

Once you have saved the payslip the employees' annual leave accrual will decrease by the number of hours you have cashed out, in this example 38 hours.

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