Deactivate Bank Feeds

If you would like to stop using Bank Feeds and resort to manually entering or manually importing transactions you can do so by following the instructions below.

Please Note: These steps must not be followed unless advised by Agrimaster Support

  1. In Agrimaster
    Navigate to Home>Setup & Tools>Internet Banking Setup>Internet Banking Setup

    To change back to internet banking, your Bank Account on the left hand column will have to be paired with the correct banking format. Please select a matching bank from the second column to correspond with the correct Banking format.


    If this step is not followed, the next time the bank statement is imported, it will present an error message saying "Check the format, Bankwest OBB"

  2. In File Manager
    Navigate to the Bank Feeds screen by clicking the Bank Accounts tab
    mceclip0.png Then click the Bank Feeds tab.

    Determine the Bank Feeds that require a disconnectmceclip2.pngClick the red button that says Disconnect


If you are only disconnecting one bank or bank account and you would like to use bank feeds for the rest of your files you can do so by following the same process and selecting a child disconnect button.

Once you have performed the above instructions, please have a read of the following article: Internet Banking Overview.

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