Common Tax Tables Used In Wagemaster

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This article lists the most common Tax Tables used in Wagemaster. You will select the option for your employee as per their Tax File Number declaration form

The following image

  • Tax Scale 03 or 04- Foreign Resident.
  • Working Holiday Maker - Tax Scale Working Holiday Maker. 
  • 01 No General Exemption – For those employees not claiming the Tax-Free Threshold indicating this may be their second job.
  • 02 With General Exemption – For those employees claiming the Tax-Free Threshold. 
  • HELP, VSL, FS, SSL or TSL debt = now STSL. You can display the STSL portion of tax separately on payslips, e.g. The employee has said Yes to claiming the tax-free threshold at Question 9 and Yes to Question 10.
    • In the Tax Table box, enter 02 With General Exemption and in Secondary Tax, enter 02 STSL only.
    • The alternative is in the Tax Table box, enter 02 With General Exemption + STSL and leave the Secondary Tax box blank.
    • If you have an employee on a secondary tax table and would like to get rid of this, click in the Secondary Tax box and hold the backspace button down until the Secondary Tax box is cleared out.


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