Month Distribution

All amounts calculated in the worksheet need to be transferred to the Full Budget. Each line of calculated data needs to be allocated a code, bank account and payment or receipt month. This ensures figures will be included in the budget.

To enter month distribution to a specific line in the worksheet you will need to:

  1. Place the cursor in the Month column.
  2. Click the Month icon or press F5. mceclip0.png
  3. At the Select Distribution Months, Code and Bank Account wizard, select the months required in the First Month box.
  4. Select a Code and Bank Account.
  5. Click on the Whole Worksheet to select the distribution mode. mceclip1.png

Distribute Options

  1. Any 1,2,3 or 4 months
    This is the default setting. You are able to choose up to four months. Amounts will be distributed evenly over the months selected.
  2. Monthly
    Select this if you wish the amount to be distributed monthly. You will only have to choose the first month. In most cases it will be the first month of your worksheet however,it doesn’t have to be.
  3. Bi-Monthly
    This will distribute amounts every two months. You will only have to choose the first month.
  4. Quarterly
    This will distribute amounts quarterly from the first month selected.
  5. Half Yearly
    Will distribute amounts every six months from the first month selected (e.g. if you choose April as the first month, Agrimaster will automatically distribute half of the amount in April and half in October).
  6. Yearly
    This is used for multiple year worksheets. If you choose a month and select yearly, the amount will be again distributed in the following year.
  7. Consecutive Month No’s
    You can enter a number of months for the amount to be distributed evenly. Select the first month.
  8. No Distribution
    This will cause figures to be reflected in the gross margins of the enterprise but not the budget cash flow. For example, where you have grown your own feed a No Distribution will cause feed figures to be reflected in the gross margins but not in the cash flow of the budget (no physical money was paid out to purchase the grain).

To Change Month Distribution Mode

Month distribution describes the Allocation of cash flows to a month, Code and bank account. They can be applied to the worksheet in two ways:

  1. Red: Distribute all cash flows in a single worksheet to the same Code and bank account.
  2. Black: Distribute cash flows on a row by row basis. 

For Example

Your Sheep Sales Worksheet is in red mode. If you sell ewes, lambs and rams in separate sales through the year, you are only allowed to choose one Code for all these sales. If you want to Code ewe and Lamb sales to the Code Sheep Sales and the rams you sold to the Ram Sales Code you will need to change the mode to black. Black mode allows you to choose a different Code for each sale.

You may need to change the month distribution method of a worksheet for many reasons.

For Example

The Purchases Worksheet in the Sheep Worksheet group will need to be changed from red to black if you have two separate Codes for sheet and ram purchases.

To Change The Method Of Distributing Cash Flows

If In Red Mode

  1. Click Change to Different code for Each Line. 
  2. Click Yes to confirm the change. You will need to re-enter the Code and bank account for each line.
  3. The distribution mode has now changed to black. 

If In Black Mode 

  1. Click Change to Same code for all lines.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the change. You will need to re-enter the Code and bank account. 
  3. The distribution mode has now changed to red. 


If changing the month distribution method after entering distributions you will need to reselect months, codes and bank accounts. 

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