Changing Pay Period In Wagemaster

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This article is for users who want to change the pay period for their employees such as weekly to fortnightly, monthly to fortnightly, etc.

A pay period is a recurring length of time over which an employee has worked and is paid, e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

In Wagemaster, a pay period is called a Pay Period Ending (PPE) Date. If you have employees on different pay cycles, you need to setup additional pay periods. To reduce admin time, it is efficient to keep all employees on the same pay cycle.

To Change Pay Period

  1. Check the existing pay periods in your Wagemaster file by navigating to Setup and Preferences from the main menu toolbar.  step_1_.png
  2. You will see a dialogue box pop up. Navigate to Configuration and then Pay Periods. You will see the Pay Periods setup in your file. If the pay period that you want for the employee is on the list skip to step 7 below. step2.png
  3. Click Add to create a new pay period.step_3.png
  4. At the Add Pay Period Details screen, complete the following:
    • Description: Enter the description (suggest you use a meaningful name to group the employees) for the PPE Date. This might be a description of the types of employees on this PPE or the frequency of the pays or a combination of these two things. For example, Weekly or Casual Staff or Weekly Casual staff.
    • Frequency: Select the pay frequency from the drop-down list.
      Please Note
      The frequency is linked to the tax tables – i.e. if your frequency is weekly then the program will work out the tax on the weekly tax table. 

      Other frequency options available are bi-monthly, calendar month, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly.

    • Click OK. step_4.png
  5. The newly created pay period is displayed in the Pay Period section of the Configuration.  
  6. Click Close to return to the start page of Wagemaster.step_5.png
  7. To review the PPE date setup, Click the PPE Date menu option on the main Wagemaster page to display the drop-down calendar to view the individual PPE dates created. Step_6.pngIn the example above,  all bolded dates signify a PPE date – i.e. a period that can be used to process a pay run. You can see all the PPE dates for the weekly cycle for December are highlighted in a black box, fortnightly PPE dates are highlighted in a red box and monthly PPE date highlighted in a green box.
  8. Attach the new pay period to the employee by navigating to the Employee record.
  9. Click on the name box to choose the employee’s name that you wish to change the pay period for.  step_7_a.png
  10. Click the Employment button and Employment again. step_7b.png
  11. In the Description field, the existing PPE date name will be displayed.
  12. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the new PPEstep_7c.png
  13. Click on Close to save changes. Now your employee is on a new pay period and you can start paying them as normal selecting the new PPE date from the PPE date calendar. step_7d.png


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