Process Wages In Advance

This article is for employers wanting to process pays for their employees in advance. Recording wages in advance is helpful if you are going on holidays and unable to process wages in Wagemaster.

To Process Wages

  1. Payslips will be processed as normal ensuring the correct future pay period ending (PPE) date is selected for the payslips to be recorded in advance.
  2. Import pays into Agrimaster ensuring you select the correct future payment date during the import.
    Screenshot_2021-03-25_083144.pngPlease Note
    • If you have a direct debit setup the payment date will be the future direct debit date.
    • If you use internet banking to upload the EFT transactions to your bank, you can upload in advance for the bank to process at the specified future payment date.
    • Ensure your bank will have sufficient funds so that the payment will be processed at the given future time period.
  3. You can report STP in advance as long as it's done on or before the payment date. 

Please Note

  • You need to ensure the date to process the EFT file at step 11 in the article linked here is the same payment date entered when importing payroll into Agrimaster and the same payment date that the funds are deducted from your bank account.
  • If circumstances change later and you have over/underpaid, this will need to be adjusted in the next pay run.
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