Split Screen & Display Settings For Agrimaster

The following article will address the following queries regarding Agrimaster: 

  • Tables not fitting within the screen.
  • Fuzzy or blurred Agrimaster application.
  • Agrimaster opening up on the wrong display.
  • Can't fit Agrimaster to screen.

Split Screen

For split-screen usage, Agrimaster should only be used on your main display.

  1. Open Display Settings by clicking System in Windows Settings.
  2. Drag and rearrange your displays to the monitor of your choosing. 
  3. Under Multiple displays, tick Make this my main display.  
  4. We recommend following 1600 x 900 resolution to ensure Agrimasters formatting is not skewed and all tables fit proportionately within the screen.
  5. Now your Agrimaster will be operable with a split-screen setup.
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