KeyPay Integration Setup

This is the first step in setting up the integration between KeyPay and Agrimaster. 

To Setup KeyPay Integration

The steps below provide instructions to complete the integration setup and the links to the relevant help articles. Before you can begin importing your payroll data from KeyPay into Agrimaster, you need to link your KeyPay account to your Agrimaster file. 

  1. Source - Click Here.
    This article will explain what the Source section in the Integration Setup means and how it works. 
  2. Credentials - Click Here.
    This article will explain where and how to get KeyPay API key in order to complete the integration between Agrimaster and KeyPay and populate the credentials section of the Integration Setup. 
  3. Matching Business - Click Here.
    This article will explain what the Matching Business details section is for and how we get your KeyPay data to talk to your Agrimaster file

Please Note

KeyPay is a third-party payroll product. You will need to contact KeyPay directly for support related to KeyPay. For support related to the integration of KeyPay with Agrimaster, you can contact our Customer Support team: Log a Support Ticket

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