How To Check A Pay Run Before Importing

It's important to note that KeyPay is the source of truth for your payroll data as it connects you to the ATO and is the software used for regular payroll reporting. Before you import a pay run to Agrimaster, you will have the opportunity to preview the data before importing.

It is important to follow the below steps if you want to double-check KeyPay data before it is imported into Agrimaster, as you will be more likely to detect a problem prior to importing which will reduce steps to fix a discrepancy.

To Check A Pay Run

  1. Go to KeyPay and generate the Payment History Report for the period and employee/s in the pay run.
  2. Cross-reference the data in the report with what is displayed in the Preview screen in File Manager, ensuring the Net Totals match for that pay run.Preview_screen.png
  3. You can also make sure that the active employee list is correct, in the Employee section of the Payroll Setup in File Manager. Review the employees in the list, tick or untick the active boxes next to employee names in the list if required.

Please Note

Whatever has been reported in KeyPay through STP needs to be reconciled to what you actually paid the employee. If the KeyPay payroll payments have been fully processed, adjustments or changes should be amended in future pay runs in KeyPay and the data, although incorrect, may need to be imported into Agrimaster regardless. Please contact Customer Support for advice.

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