What's New In Agrimaster's V

The product improvements in Release include:

Fuel Tax Update

As of 1st February 2021, new Fuel Tax Rates for the period of 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 was updated on the ATO website. In this release, Agrimaster updated the Fuel Tax Rates table to reflect the changes.

The new rates have been applied to the Fuel Tax Credit calculations in Agrimaster from 1st February 2021 and will override any tax rates set you may have manually applied for the same period.

To apply these new rates, make sure you have the latest update when notified in File Manager or update manually to the latest Agrimaster version here.

Password Security Requirements Fix

When some customers changed their password, File Manager allowed them to change to a password that did not meet the security requirements. Customers subsequently used their new password to log in and received an error message.

Customers will see a green bar if their password meets the security requirements, and will not be able to save a password that does not meet the security requirements.



Refresh License for Read Only files Shared With Other Users

Agrimaster licenses 'expire' inside the Agrimaster file even if the customer has a valid subscription. This is due to our 90-day server check validation.

When an Agrimaster Read Only file that has been shared with you is opened, you may be presented with the Licence Expiry message:


This message is fixed by clicking Refresh Licence. The Refresh Licence button is now available on the File Details page via the three-dot button for people who have a read only file shared with them, and now refreshes the licence without creating a new revision in the File History section.

Minor Wording Changes in File Manager

As we receive feedback from customers, we make minor changes to wording were necessary to provide clarity and remove confusion.

The 'Created' heading in the File History section of File Overview in File Manager has been changed to ‘Modified’, to make sense in the context of a file being worked on and then the revision uploading:



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