How Do I Pay My Employee's Super?

When you import your KeyPay payroll data into Agrimaster, two transactions will be created per eligible employee, per pay period; one for super and one for wages.


This means if your pay run is on a fortnightly cycle, you will have a new super record created per employee per fortnight.

If you pay super quarterly, you will need to future date the super record when importing and keep these records in your cashbook until you pay them. For example, if the end date of the pay run you are importing is 2nd March 2021, you may wish to record the future super payment date as the 28th April 2021, which is the payment due date prescribed by the ATO:



It is highly recommended that customers make their payroll payments from the EFT feature within Agrimaster. This will greatly reduce manual data entry errors and speed up the monthly and annual reconciliation process.  


For instructions, please see: Processing superannuation payments for EFTs imported from KeyPay through Agrimaster

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