Import Pay Run - Dates

This article will explain what each field means in the Dates section, so you can select the correct information to import your pay run into Agrimaster.


  1. Select Pay Run: Select the pay run you are wanting to import from the drop-down arrow.
  2. Payment Date: Select the payment date for the wages. This is the date the employees' payroll payment will be processed/ submitted.
  3. Super Date: Select the future date of payment for super in order for the transaction to be created for that particular month. For example, if you pay super quarterly, for the March quarter, every imported payrun will have the 28th April as the Tentative Super date. This is the payment deadline date as prescribed by ATO.
    Please Note
    The superannuation for the pay run you select will be imported as a separate transaction to the wages. If you pay your employee's super through Employment Hero, please click here.
    If you pay your employee's super via EFT feature in Agrimaster, please click here.
  4. Invoice Date: Select the date of the invoice if you are on accruals. (This option will only come up if you are an accruals customer). This option will not show for the customers who have a cash file. 


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