Payroll Setup - Setup Employee Allowances

This article will explain how to setup the Agrimaster fields to use when paying allowances or any other pay run inclusions to the employees. 

To finish this step and the Payroll Setup, click the Save button.



Please Note 

Payroll setup has to be completed in the tax setup section of Agrimaster -  Wages and Tax Deducted, before setting up KeyPay.

Allowances And Other Pay Run Inclusions

These are separately identified payments made to an employee outside of their ordinary earnings and are handled differently for tax reporting purposes. This is why they are setup separately from ordinary earnings.

You will need to speak to your accountant or tax agent if you have questions about what allowances or inclusions are specific to your situation.

Some examples of allowances and inclusions for the purposes of the KeyPay integration with Agrimaster are:

  • Home internet
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Pre and post-tax deductions
  • Bonus
  • Lumpsum payments
  • Third-party payments
  • Overnight allowance, etc

This is an ongoing process that is required upon the initial setup of KeyPay, each time a new Employee Allowance is added or edited in KeyPay or when the coding for the Allowance in Agrimaster requires a change.

This ensures your automatic coding in Agrimaster upon import from KeyPay is correct. This section of the Payroll Setup for the already coded Allowances/Inclusions only needs to be done once, unless you intend to make changes to the previous setup.

  • Name - The name of the allowance you have created in KeyPay.
    • Type - The type of payment, such as a deduction or addition. This is not selected by you as it applies by default based on what is in KeyPay.
  • Code - The transaction or ledger account name such as Sheep Sales, that you wish to allocate this allowance to in Agrimaster. You can leave this blank if you want the default Codes to apply as per the Wages and Tax Deducted Format in Setup Tax Deducted (PAYG).
  • Allocation the contact centre such as Joe Bloggs for Employee Allowances, that you wish to allocate this allowance to in Agrimaster. 
  • Enterprise - the major income-earning business activity such as sheep, cattle or cropping, that you wish to allocate this allowance to in Agrimaster.

Please Note

If the Allowance is taxable and requires to be reported on the W1 or W2 sections of the BAS, ensure the correct Codes and Allocations are applied.  The Enterprise does not affect the W1 or W2.  

If you do not click Save, none of the selections made in Settings or Employees will be saved.

Once you have finished and clicked Save, you will be taken back to the Payroll home screen where you will see the Import Payrun button is now available.



If your employee names already exist in Agrimaster before integrating with KeyPay, for any difference in the employee name (e.g: middle name is added to the employee record in KeyPay but was not entered in Agrimaster/Wagemaster/any payroll software), a new contact will be created in Agrimaster as the system will pick it as 2 different employees. You can use the merge names feature within Agrimaster to merge them for easy reporting. 

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