How Do I Check If My Employee Details Are Correct In Agrimaster?

This article explains how to manage your employee contact details within Agrimaster, and how Employment Hero data imports into the Agrimaster file.

Please Note

If you have been manually entering your payroll data in Agrimaster you may have already created that contact within the Agrimaster setup for each employee.

If you are a new Employment Hero customer, a new contact will be created for any employees included in a pay run that you import into Agrimaster.

To check the contact details, please follow the below steps. 

Setup Names And Addresses

  1. From the Agrimaster menu, Choose Setup, then Names and Addresses.

  2. The Agrimaster Contact Centre window will open. 


  3. To view an existing contact, select the contact from the list and you can view the fields as desired.
  4. Click on the black cross to close when you have finished.
  5. Click on the EFT Details tab to view the employee's bank details.mceclip3.png
  6. You can click on any of the other tabs, or click on the black cross to close and you will be prompted to save your changes if you made any,
    Please Note
    Do not make any changes in this section as Employment Hero is your source of truth and any information to be corrected needs to come through Employment Hero. mceclip4.png

Please Note

Your employee's bank details will automatically be imported from Employment Hero for the relevant employees after you import your first pay run. If you edit the bank account or BSB in Agrimaster, it will be overwritten next time you complete an import as Employment Hero is the source of truth for this information and it will get updated on each import.

If the details have changed, you will need to update them in Employment Hero and Agrimaster will be updated on the next import. You can confirm the changes by following the steps advised above.

If your employee names already exist in Agrimaster before integrating with Employment Hero, for any difference in the employee name (e.g: middle name is added to the employee record in Employment Hero but was not entered in Agrimaster/Wagemaster/any payroll software), a new contact will be created in Agrimaster as the system will pick it as 2 different employees. You can use the merge names feature within Agrimaster to merge them for easy reporting. 

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