Change ABN In Wagemaster

This article is for users wanting to change the ABN and Company Details in their existing Wagemaster file retaining setup items, e.g. Awards and retaining non-terminated employees, without YTDs in the new company.

Step 1: Finalising Payroll Of The Original Company

  1. Process timesheets as per normal for the final pays under the old ABN/Company for all
  2. Mark all wages as final under the old ABN after carefully reviewing all the records and report to the ATO. 

Step 2: Update Registration Details Of This File To Zero Employees To Cancel The Licence On Old ABN

  1. Go to File > Company Details. 
  2. Select Change Company Details. 
  3. The welcome to the Wage Easy Payroll HR Licensing Wizard will be displayed. Click Next.
  4. Select Change Licence Details and then click Next.
  5. Read the information on this screen. Tick I have read & understand the above information and click Next. 
  6. Check that all information is correct according to the old ABN. 
  7. Once all the information is confirmed and correct, tick the box The above Company details are correct and then click Next.
  8. At the Active Employees Licensing Details window alter the number of licensed employees to 0 Active Employees0_no_of_employees.png
  9. Tick The above licensing details are correct box then click on Next.
  10. Because you will need to print the form, uncheck Don't print the Company Registration Form if not already unchecked. Click Next.
  11. Print the registration form as a PDF and email it to us (if you cannot print to PDF, print and scan the Registration Form then email it to us at
  12. Once we have received your change of registration form, we will send it to Wage Easy Licencing.

Step 3: Create A Manual Backup Of Your File With Old ABN and contact Customer Support for further process.

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