Batch Processing In Transactions

Batch Processing allows you to group several receipt transactions entered individually in Agrimaster into one batch and when depositing as one amount into your bank account.

In Agrimaster these transactions show as separate transactions but on your bank statement, they will appear as one credit amount.

This could be used for receiving several cheques, several cash payments, or several credit card payments. By using this feature you will reduce the amount of time taken when reconciling this type of receipt.

To Access Batch Processing 

  1. From the Home Page, click on Cashbook. 
  2. Click on Transactions. 
  3. Enter in monies into the Transactions screen as shown below. 
  4. To group transactions into a batch, click on Create New Batch.
  5. Click on the Include square in the lines that you want the transactions to be included in the batch.
  6. Click on the green tick. 
  7. Click Yes to create the batch.
  8. Click on the black cross to return to the Transaction screen.
  9. The transactions included in the batch will now be shown in the Transaction screen.
  10. If you wish to create more batches for the same day repeat the steps from 4-9. 
  11. Transactions for the current month will flow through to the Reconciliation screen. 

Automatic Reconciliation 

  1. During the importation of the bank statement, the option Clear EFT and deposit batches will appear.
  2. Once you have clicked on this option it will display the transactions n the deposited batch/es. 
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