Reconcile Wages Tax In Employment Hero And Agrimaster

The recommended practice is to check that your Employment Hero Wages and Tax Withheld Report totals match those in your Agrimaster Tax Reports. This report should be run to ensure that the wages recorded and paid as per Employment Hero match the wages recorded and paid as per your Agrimaster cashbook software. Employment Hero is the source of truth as that connects you to the ATO and is the software used for regular payroll reporting.

You can do this by running a report in Employment Hero and then a report in Agrimaster and ensure the data matches in the following scenarios. 

  • Before making any super payments.
  • At the end of each BAS period.
  • At the end of the financial year.
  • Anytime you wish to check the data matches between Employment Hero and Agrimaster.

To Complete The Wages Tax Reconciliation process

  1. Compare reports from both the software and check whether they reconcile. If adjustments are required, do so and re‐run the reports.
  2. Complete the PAYGW online through the ATO Business Portal. 
  3. Once the current cashbook month is reconciled and closed off, close off the current wages tax period and create the automatic payment to the ATO. For instructions on closing the wages tax period, click here

Employment Hero

There are multiple reports that you can run in Employment Hero to get the desired result.

Please Note

Employment Hero is a third-party payroll product.  You will need to contact Employment Hero directly for any support related to Employment Hero.


You will need to run Wages and Tax Deductions Report in Agrimaster which will display all the wages gross (Taxable Gross) and wages tax deducted totals for each employee contributing to W1 and W2 for your BAS Report.

We highly recommend doing BAS & GST Reconciliation often ensuring your transactions are being coded in all the correct sections and the amounts are being reported correctly on all reports. 

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