Reconcile Super Between Employment Hero And Agrimaster

For employer contributions, it is recommended that you check your Employment Hero Super Report totals and match those in your Agrimaster Super Reports. You can do this by running a report in Employment Hero and then a report in Agrimaster and ensure the data matches in the following scenarios:

  • Before making any super payments.
  • At the end of each BAS period.
  • At the end of the financial year.
  • Anytime you wish to check the data matches between Employment Hero and Agrimaster.

Reports should be run to ensure that the super recorded and paid in Employment Hero match the super recorded & paid in your Agrimaster. Employment Hero is the source of truth as that connects you to the ATO and is the software used for regular payroll reporting.

This is the report you can run in Employment Hero, click on the link below and it will take you to Employment Hero Help Centre for further instructions: Super Contributions Report.

Then you can generate the Super Report from Agrimaster by creating a Stacked Report. 

The Stacked Report is a custom report generator. It is the most powerful report in Agrimaster as it allows you to quickly report on any number of management areas. 

Unlike other reports that have mostly fixed parameters, the Stacked Report Generator gives you flexibility because it can quickly produce a variety of reports using criteria selected by you.

Transaction data can then be displayed for up to four levels, based on your selections such as Code, Enterprise, Allocation, description (saved), year, quarter, month, bank and name. 

To Produce A Stacked Report

  1. At the Home Page, click Cashbook.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Click Stacked Report.
  4. The Stacked Report Generator will be displayed. You have up to four levels of selection categories to filter the data for reporting within a selected date range.
  5. Use the drop-down arrow in the Level 1: field to select the first search category, for example, Code. 
  6. A list of Codes will appear below the first level from which you must select the search criteria. In this example, we are using Staff Superannuation/Code that you have set for your employee super.
  7. Select the First Month and the Last Month from the drop-down boxes. In this example, we are using July 2019 to June 2020.
  8. In the Report Type section, you can choose Totals or Details. In this example, we are using Details which will display all transactions within the chosen date range.
  9. In the Sort By section, you can sort the filtered transactions by Date, Record or Reference. In this example, we will sort the report by Date.
  10. In the Date to use section, you can filter transactions.
  11. Select any optional information you wish to display from the Options and Include: sections.
  12. The report may also be given a title.
  13. Click the green tick to display your report on the screen.
  14. Click the printer icon to print the report (or create a PDF copy to save or email).
  15. Click the black X after printing the report.
  16. Reconcile both the reports and if there be any difference find out the difference and do the changes accordingly before doing the final reporting/final payments.

Please Note
Ensure the super calculated in Employment Hero and Agrimaster is 9.5% for Financial Year Ending 2021 and 10% for Financial Year Ending 2022 of the total gross.

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