Making Corrections To Imported KeyPay Payroll Payments In Agrimaster

For KeyPay payroll data, it is imperative to note, KeyPay is the source of truth as KeyPay connects you to the ATO for regular reporting. KeyPay is where all payroll data for employees is to be added or corrected, not in Agrimaster.

Once payroll or superannuation transactions have been imported into Agrimaster from KeyPay, none of the following data should be altered or changed in Agrimaster. 

  • The dollar values for payroll and superannuation payments.
  • The employee's name that their payment is made to.
  • The employee's bank account details.
  • The employee's superannuation fund name.
  • If you are an accruals customer, the invoice date.
  • The Allocation for wages gross or wages tax deducted, because it affects the reporting of the data on the Wages Tax Report and ultimately your BAS.

Changing any of the above fields in Agrimaster will result in a discrepancy between KeyPay and Agrimaster. KeyPay is the single source of truth, all of the above fields must be updated in KeyPay and then imported into Agrimaster.

Payroll Transaction Fields That Can Be Changed

For KeyPay data, the following payroll transaction fields can be changed in Agrimaster. 

  • Company Bank Account.
  • Payment Date.
  • Code.
  • Enterprise.
  • Allocation - only for superannuation. The allocation for wages must not be changed as it affects your reporting and ultimately the W1 and W2 on your BAS.
  • Quantity.

If a mistake has been made in KeyPay and a correction is required and the payroll payment date has not passed or STP reporting has not been done, please contact Customer Support so that we can advise you on the best way forward.

Please Note
Whatever has been reported in KeyPay through STP needs to be reconciled to what you actually paid the employee, and what has been recorded in Agrimaster. If the KeyPay payroll payments have been fully processed, adjustments or changes should be amended in future pay runs in KeyPay.

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