Employee Paid For Annual Leave Instead Of Hours Worked

This article will outlines the scenario in which leave payments in Wagemaster must be corrected using a supplementary payslip. 

When To Correct Leave Payments Using Supplementary Payslips 

  1. An employee on leave was paid for hours worked instead of leave in the normal payrun.
  2. An employee was paid the incorrect leave type.
  3. An employee was paid leave but worked those hours.

Scenario 3: An employee was at work on Monday 11/11/2019 but was paid for annual leave instead of paid for hours worked. We need to reverse the transaction and put it through correctly.

  1. Navigate to File > Maintenance > Supplementary Payslip.
  2. Click Yes on the warning screen and add the times on the Timesheet screen.
  3. Click Next to go to the Adjustment screen.Image
  4. On the Adjustment screen, select Leave on the left and click Add.
  5. Enter the (incorrect) annual leave entry, put a negative hour value in the hour's field to credit back the annual leave hours to the employee’s leave entitlement and click Ok.
  6. Click Next to go to the Payslip screen. The payslip should show an addition of the gross figure and a deduction of the leave with a net figure of zero. You can now save the payslip.
  7. You will also need to check Super as it might calculate if you pay super on annual leave or not. It will double up if you pay super on annual leave so check under Adjustments if there is any Super calculated, if there is, highlight Super and click on Edit and make it zero and click Ok. Ensure to check payment summary for that PPE ensuring everything is correct.


Make sure you double-check the payslip before saving.


Please Note:

  • If you are re-banking an employee’s wage it will not reduce the amount on the aba file. It will only reduce the amount in the employee’s year-to-date earnings records.
  • If you are putting through an additional payment for an employee, you may choose to do this in the current PPE or in the next PPE. If you choose to do it in the current PPE you will need to re-run any reports printed and distributed to reflect this additional payment. If you may, the payment in the next PPE, you will need to remember when creating the aba file at the end of that PPE that it should not balance to the payment summary.


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