KeyPay Overview

KeyPay is a third-party online payroll product that integrates with Agrimaster to further streamline your farm financial management. The KeyPay integration will allow you to import your payroll data into Agrimaster's cashbook.
As KeyPay is a third-party payroll product you will need to contact KeyPay directly for support related to KeyPay. For any support related to the integration of KeyPay with Agrimaster, you can contact our Customer Support team by clicking on the link here: Contact Support.

Follow the KeyPay Integration Action List before you commence the setup.

To Get Started

  1. KeyPay Integration Setup.
  2. KeyPay Payroll Setup.
  3. Import Pay Run from KeyPay to Agrimaster.

Please Note

Agrimaster cannot provide tax advice. It is your responsibility as an employer to understand what applies to your employees regarding payroll. Agrimaster will provide you with instructions on how to setup the integration from KeyPay to Agrimaster. 

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