Integration Setup - Credentials

This article will explain where and how to get the KeyPay API key in order to complete the integration between Agrimaster and KeyPay and populate the credentials section of the Integration Setup.

There are two ways in which you can locate the API Key. 

Through KeyPay My Account 

  1. Within KeyPay, click on the top right corner and click on the drop-down arrow next to your business name.
  2. Click on My Account as shown in the picture below.


  3. You will see the account details as per the picture below and the API Key is available as highlighted in red.


  4. You can copy the key by clicking on the box highlighted in red below and paste it where required. Screenshot_2021-01-05_110716.png1.png

Through KeyPay Payroll Settings

  1. Within KeyPay, click on the Payroll Settings tab on the dashboard and select My Account. 

  2. You KeyPay API will be listed as below. 
  3. Copy the credentials and paste into the Payroll Integration Setup in Agrimaster, then press the Search button and you will be directed to matching business details:


For more information about your API key, please contact KeyPay directly via

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