What's New In Agrimaster's V

The product improvements in Release include:

Updated Agrimaster Interface

  1. The Agrimaster user interface has been refreshed and has a new look to adapt to a theme consistent with other apps.


  2. The navigation back to the Files List from any File Overview page is now through the Agrimaster icon in the top right corner or via the Home icon in the top right corner.refresh_4.png


Refresh License for Read-Only Businesses

Agrimaster licenses expire inside the Agrimaster file even if the customer has a valid subscription. This is due to our 90-day server check validation.

When an Agrimaster file is opened you may be presented with the License Expiry message.

This message is fixed by clicking Refresh Licence. The Refresh License button is now available on the File Details page for all subscriptions and now refreshes the licence without creating a new revision in the File History section.


Status Details In File History

Two new status columns have been introduced in the File History section to identify the licence and processing status of each file revision.

Licence Status:
The licence status column has been introduced to show the status of licensing for each revision. Sometimes customers might get a licence expiry message and need to refresh the licence manually. 
Please refer to these help articles for information on the above: Licensing Status

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