Licensing Status Explained

This article explains what Licence Status is and what the results mean.

A software licence is similar to a driver's licence; you pay a yearly fee to get permission to use and access a service. In this case, you can pay a yearly subscription to receive a licence to be able to use a file in Agrimaster.  

Each licence gives you the ability to use one file in Agrimaster. This licence is checked every time you open File Manager before you open the file to make sure all your subscriptions are up to date. Once this is checked, the licence is applied to your file. This is where the licensing status comes in, it will show if the licence has been successfully applied to the file.

On the file overview page, Licence Status has been introduced to help identify what is happening when the licence is applied to your file. The processing status can be seen on the file overview page and will assist in internal troubleshooting and will help Customer Support to identify the root of any issues.



  What does this mean? What do I do? 
Not started The licensing has not begun.

Wait 10 minutes.

If this status persists for longer than 10 minutes, contact Customer Support.

In Progress

The licensing is in progress.

Wait for 10 minutes.

If this status persists for longer contact Customer Support.


The licensing has failed. Refresh licence, if the status shows as failed again, contact Customer Support


The licensing is complete.

The file is ready to use.




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