Navigating File Manager

This article is intended for users who would like to learn how to navigate File Manager.

In Agrimaster, there have been some user interface changes which will impact your way of working in File Manager.

File List

  1. To open a file, click on the file you would like to open in the File List.1.png
  2. Once you click on the file listed, it will open the file overview.mceclip0.png
  3. In this section, there are four main areas;
  4. On the sidebar, there is a dark grey column with Overview highlighted in blue. Eventually, this section will include other options for upcoming features e.g. KeyPay Integration, Bank Feeds and Document Attachments.
  5. To return to the File List, click on the Agrimaster icon or the Home icon in the top left corner.


File Details

File Details section of the file overview provides details of your file (i.e. file type & file size) and the licence attached to it (i.e. ABN of the business, registered user number, creator and subscription type).

  1. Refresh License is used when you open your file and it is saying your licence has expired. For more information, please read File Is Expired.
  2. To open your file for editing, click Open.
  3. If you don't want to make any changes to your file and just want to view the data or extract a report, click Open Read Only. read_only.png

Please Note:
If your file's subscription type is Agrimaster Read Only, only the Open Read Only option will be available.


File Status

The File Status determines the sync status of the file on your computer with the Agrimaster server. For more information, please read File Status Explained.



With File Manager, you can share a file with anyone who has an Agrimaster user number. You can share with your advisors such as accountants and farm consultants, your family members (if they have their own user number), or even Agrimaster support if you need help resolving an issue. You will need their user number before you can share the file.

For more information, please read How To Share and How To Revoke a Share.


File History

Licence Status

Licensing status has been introduced to help identify what is happening with the licensing of all files uploaded to File Manager. For more information, please read Licensing Status Explained.



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