Switching From Wagemaster To KeyPay Payroll Solution

This article is for customers who currently use Wagemaster but want to switch to KeyPay.

We recommend you seek advice from your accountant in regards to switching payroll products during the financial year.

To Start Using KeyPay 

  • Contact us to change your subscription from an Agrimaster-Plus to an Agrimaster Standard.
    • During this process, our Sales team will guide you on how to access your Wagemaster file for historical purposes outside of File Manager. 
      Please Note - changing your subscription is currently only available at the time of renewal.
  • You will be able to access Wagemaster and work on your file until the licence expires.
  • You will have access to your Wagemaster file after the licence expires, however, you won’t be able to add any new data to the file.

To Change Payroll Software

If you have spoken to your accountant and have decided to change payroll software during the financial year:

  1. Complete your last pay run, and submit your last STP through Wagemaster. There will be 2 options:
  2. Sign up to KeyPay and get started.

If you change from Wagemaster to KeyPay during the financial year, please review the below notes on the transition process and answer the following questions:

  • Were you reporting STP from Wagemaster?
  • If you were, are you aware that you cannot use the same Business Management Software (BMS) ID from Wagemaster?
  • Do you need to migrate YTD figures from Wagemaster to KeyPay?

The correct process here will ensure any information reported for STP will pre-fill the employee’s income statements at the ATO accurately.

There are two options. 

Option 1

You have not been reporting STP from Wagemaster. If this is the case the process will be:

  1. Import YTD figures (for both active and terminated employees) into KeyPay using the opening balances feature.
  2. Create/lodge an update event.
  3. Continue to create/lodge pay events as normal.

Option 2

You have been reporting STP from Wagemaster and want to migrate YTD figures using the new BMS ID for KeyPay. 

  1. Import YTD figures (for both active and terminated employees) from your old payroll into the new payroll software using the opening balances feature.
    Please Note
    Leave balances can also be transferred this way if you like.
  2. Zero out the employee YTD values from the old BMS ID (previous payroll software) and then report this via an update event in the old system where you also tick the box Mark As Final for each employee (this will notify the ATO that there will be no further payments for these employees from the old BMS ID).
  3. You can do an update event to report the YTD totals imported or just continue to create/lodge pay events as normal as the first pay event will include (and update) the YTD totals anyway.

If there are any employees in your payroll account that have been terminated in the current financial year, you will definitely need to lodge an update event to lodge their YTD data because they won't show up in any current pay events you lodge using KeyPay. 

If your employee names already exist in Agrimaster before integrating with KeyPay, for any difference in the employee name (e.g: middle name is added to the employee record in KeyPay but was not entered in Agrimaster/Wagemaster/any payroll software), a new contact will be created in Agrimaster as the system will pick it as 2 different employees. You can use the merge names feature within Agrimaster to merge them for easy reporting. 

Please Note

Customer Support at Agrimaster will only assist with the integration of KeyPay with Agrimaster and any queries related to Wagemaster if you are a paid-up Wagemaster customer. The help article above is a copy of KeyPay's Help Centre. For any further queries, please contact KeyPay

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