Enterprise Report

This report relies on accurate and consistent data entry in order to be effective as a management report, if done on shorter periods of time it can be used to check that items are being reported in the correct enterprise. 

As a management report it is best used over a long period of time (minimum of 6-12 months) for best results and in the case of grain, it will not produce a reliable result unless done over 18-month period.

This report will show you all the income and expenses for a specified Enterprise and will show you whether the Enterprise is making a gross income or gross deficit. 

It should be noted that this doesn't taken into account expenses that are spread across the whole farm Enterprise such as some fixed costs and overheads. 

To Create An Enterprise Report

  1. From the Home Page, click on Cashbook.
  2. Click on Report.
  3. Select Enterprise Report.
  4. Select Basic Enterprise Report.
  5. Select the Enterprise you wish to report on (click on one or several Enterprises).
  6. Select the period you wish to report on.
  7. Select the option for Totals or Months. 
  8. select preview or print without preview as needed.
  9. Click on the green tick.
  10. You will now see all the receipts and payments that have been linked at the Cashbook Entry screen to the Enterprise selected.
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