Enter Opening Balances & Add Manual Transactions

You should first enter an opening balance for all your commodities. You can use the same method described here to enter manual entries such as deaths, natural increases and transfers. (These movements cannot be worked out automatically from the cashbook transactions). 

  1. Click the Add New button.
  2. The Stock Movement window will open.
    • Date: Enter the date of the manual transaction. 
    • Remark (max. 20): Select the appropriate remark to describe the stock movement.
    • Movement: Select the movement (increase or decrease).
    • How many?: Enter the number affected by the stock movement.
    • Price each $: Enter the current price of the stock affected by the stock movement.
    • Total price $: This will automatically calculate a value based on the data entered in the previous selections when you click the green tick.
  3. Click the green tick to save the entry.
  4. Click the black cross to close the window and return to the Commodity Transactions window.
  5. The entered manual transactions are listed in the Transaction List section.

When you enter transactions into the cashbook using any Allocations that are linked to Stock Control item, the movements of sales and/or purchases will be recorded automatically against the Stock Control item.    

Use the Allocations in order for the Stock Control to work correctly.  If you forget to add the Allocations to your cashbook transaction, you can fix this problem by adding the correct allocations using Repair Past.

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