Setting Up The Groups & Commodities In Stock Control

  1. From the Commodity Transactions screen, click the Setup Commodities button.
  2. You are now in the Commodity Types screen. Click the Modify Group List button.
  3. The Group Headings window will open. 
    • Select the Group Heading box and type in the group heading. In this example, we will use Cattle.
    • Select the appropriate Balance Sheet Category. In this example, we will use Livestock.
  4. Click the green tick to save the heading.
  5. Enter all your groups and then click the black cross to exit.

Once you have setup your group headings, you will now be able to add commodities to your Stock Control. 

Adding Commodities 

  1. Ensure you are in the Commodity Types window (if not then click the Setup Commodities button).
  2. Under the Select Group to Display field, select the required group from the dropdown list and then click the Add New button.
  3. Enter the Commodity Name, the Opening Date, Unit Name and the Current Liquidation Value/Unit in the setup boxes.
  4. Select the applicable Allocation (the selected Allocation will be highlighted).
  5. Click the << Include button to link to the commodity (the selected Allocation will be listed in the Linked Allocations box).
  6. Click the green tick to save the commodity type (the selected Allocation will be removed from the Linked Allocations box and listed in the Select Commodity to Edit box).
  7. Add all commodities belonging to the group heading, e.g. bulls, heifers and steers, with links setup to the matching allocations (Repeat Steps 4-6 above as needed).
  8. Once you have finished adding the commodities, your new commodities will be listed in the Commodity Types screen.
  9. Click the black cross to go back to the Commodity Transactions screen. The groups and commodities you have setup will also be listed here.

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