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At Agrimaster, we take our customer’s data security seriously. As per our Privacy Policy, we need to ensure that anyone contacting us about an account is an authorised contact of the account they are enquiring about. 

We are happy to answer general questions, however, we will not be able to provide support to unauthorised contacts, in order to protect your privacy.  

Follow the below instruction if you wish to be added to an account or update the details on an existing account.

Adding An Additional Contact To The Account 

Adding An Additional Contact To The Account 

Adding An Additional Contact To The Account 

  1. You can only update account details if you are the main account holder. 
  2. Please send us an email from the email address registered to the accountadvising us of the person’s name, email address and contact details. 
  3. If you no longer have access to the registered email address, you may send an email to providing written consent for us to update your account. This must be on your company letterhead, contain the changes you wish to make to your account and be signed by the account holder. 

If you would like your accountant, bookkeeper or adviser to be an authorised contact on your account to get Customer Support when working on your file, please follow the same process as above. 

Changing the primary email 

Please follow the same process as above to change the primary email address on your account. Please note if you change your primary email address, this is where all future communication, such as your invoice, will be received, and will also be used for password resets. 

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