Overall STP Process

This article outlines the full STP reporting cycle once a payrun has been:

  • created in Wagemaster

  • imported into Agrimaster

  • reported to the ATO via Wagemaster’s STP process

Create A Payslip in Wagemaster

Follow the best practice by creating payslips in Wagemaster and let the system work out the amounts for you as per the setup. Do not do manual calculations as Wagemaster is your source of truth that connects you to the ATO and reports totals on a regular payrun basis. Click here for detailed steps.

Import Transactions Into Agrimaster 

Once a payrun is created in Wagemaster and imported into Agrimaster, the transactions will show on the Wages Tax Deduction Report in Agrimaster. The gross amount (W1) and tax deducted amount (W2) (4) will be recorded on the Wages and Tax Deduction Report and must also reconcile to your Wagemaster report. These figures will be recorded on your BAS through the ATO business portal.​ You must Reconcile Wages And Tax Withheld In Wagemaster And Agrimaster.

Click here for detailed steps for importing payroll transactions.

Create A Pay Event For STP Reporting

Wagemaster and Agrimaster are connected in one way only, this means the data flows from Wagemaster to Agrimaster only and no data flows back to Wagemaster. Wagemaster never knows if the payment has been made. To trigger the STP Icon to be ready for reporting, a dummy eft step is to be done which creates a pay event to be reported. Click here for detailed steps.

Where STP Is Reported?

When doing STP reporting in Wagemaster, it gets reported in 2 areas; on your business portal under the STP section as STP Submissions and in your employees MyGov account.​

Report In Date Order

It is very important to report all the pay events in date order as the year to date totals get updated every time you report a pay event. You should always report on or before the date of payment. Late reporting can incur penalties and fines. ​

Ensure Year To Date Totals Are Correct

Each time you do a payrun, it adds to the year-to-date totals as per the payslips you generate. When you report, it updates the totals on each pay event as per the payslip being reported and overwrites the existing one. It does not add to the existing one. As long as your payslips are correct in your software and you are reporting them in the correct order, the totals will be correct on the ATO's end.

Reporting A Missed Pay

If you miss STP reporting for a pay event, wait for the next payrun to be reported and the totals will update to the ATO as per the year to date totals on the payslip.

Check Errors Have Been Corrected

For any errors corrected, the totals will align on the following payrun. If you do not have another payrun, totals will align when you finalise the wages through an update event as part of the end of the financial year process. Alternatively, you can update totals through an STP Update.

Double ups in Business Portal

If a supplementary payslip was done in Wagemaster for any corrections/additions to the original payslip, it creates a transaction similar to your STP Portal in Business Portal. There is no way of deleting the incorrect transactions from the Business Portal/STP Portal in order to maintain an audit trail. Corrections made to original payslips through supplementary payslip does not double up your transaction amounts as long as the year to date totals are correct. The transaction for original payslip (incorrect/missing information) and a supplementary payslip (correct/additional payslip) will still show up in both the portals. There will be no double ups as long as the totals are correct within your Wagemaster file.

Accuracy Is Important

It is important your data in Agrimaster and Wagemaster reconcile as STP Reporting done on regular pay cycle runs need to match the BAS reported.

Submitting BAS

Prior to submitting your BAS, ensure to reconcile your payroll summary report in Wagemaster with the wages and tax deduction report in Agrimaster to ensure they are exactly the same. ​

For more information on reconciliation, check out the below help article:

Reconcile Wages Tax in Wagemaster and Agrimaster.

Update Event and Pay Event

The update event shows zero on the main transaction line as it is updating the totals for you, and the pay event shows amounts on the main transaction line due to that particular transaction being reported. The STP update header will show zero values.  Double click the update event line and you will see your employee’s values.  All values reported to the ATO are always the employees’ LATEST YTD values and never per period values. Update event is to be used for finalising wages as the end of financial year process, submitting any ABN changes or submitting any corrections. Pay event is to be used for reporting every payrun.



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