Allocate Bank Account Category Type

This article is intended for users who want to gain an understanding of different bank account categories and how to edit bank account categories.

New and existing bank accounts need to be allocated one of the following category types.  These categories are used in the Balance Sheet under current or long-term assets and liabilities:

  • Working Account.
  • Term Loan.
  • HP.
  • Lease.
  • Chattel Mortgage.
  • Non‐cash account(the non‐cash account category is if you who wish to make journal entries).

Please Note: By default, all existing bank accounts will be set to Working Account.

To Edit A Bank Account's Category Type: 

  1. Start at the Home Page.
  2. Click Setup & Tools.
  3. Click Cashbook Setup.
  4. Click Bank Accounts.
  5. Where bank accounts do not exist, you will be in Add New mode.
    If bank accounts exist, click the bank account you wish to edit.
  6. Complete the required details where the cursor appears. Press Enter or the Tab keys to progress through each field.
  7. Ensure opening balances and as at dates are correct. If the bank account is open, ensure Active Account box is ticked. 
  8. Click the green tick, press F10  or click up or down arrow to save data.
  9. Repeat the above format for additional bank accounts that require adding to the file. 
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