Working Offline Overview

Agrimaster is built by farmers, for farmers. It is specifically designed for farmers with a poor internet connection. This allows farmers with poor internet to work in their files, both online and offline. However, there are best practices to follow when working offline or with intermittent internet connectivity, especially if you are sharing your file with an accountant, consultant or if you share a user number. As multiple people have the ability to work both online and offline in the same file, this can create some confusion on which version of the file contains what data.

If you do not follow the recommended best practices whilst working offline, you may assume “work has disappeared”, “entries are missing”, “transactions disappeared” or that you have “lost data”. In File Manager, your data is safe. It is very unlikely your data is missing; it may just be in another version of the file.

There are three working offline scenarios, each with specific best practice. Check out the help articles below for instructions on how to ensure you are always working on the correct version of the file.

Please note: Make sure that when you finish working in an Agrimaster file, you check that a new line has been added under the file history section that says Current and 'a few seconds ago’:

This tells you that your latest changes have been uploaded to File Manager. You need to be connected to the internet for this to occur.

For information on how to restore previous versions of a file, or to check which version contains what data, check out the Restore A File help article.

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