Repair Past: Edit A Transaction

The Repair Past function is used to fix transaction errors in months that have already been reconciled and closed. By using this feature, the transactions will be repaired, bank account balances adjusted automatically and you may be prompted to make adjustments to your current BAS period if the GST has been effected.

Please Note

The Repair Past function should not be used lightly because you can alter the closing bank account balances in months that are closed.

You should not edit the transactions into a month in a closed BAS period without consulting your accountant first. 

When editing transactions in a closed BAS period, you should be careful not to change the GST category of a transaction’s Code unless you are sure that it is incorrect. Changing the Enterprise, Allocation or Description is safe as this does not affect the GST.

Before Proceeding

  • Ensure you have backed up your file in File Manager.
  • Have a copy of your bank statements - for comparison to the Agrimaster bank account balances.
  • View and print your Agrimaster bank account balances.
  • To delete a transaction, enter the Repair Transaction, use Find to locate the transaction, and click on the Delete (Red Cross) button to delete the transaction.

To Edit A Transaction

  1. Start in the Cashbook.
  2. Click on Repair Past.
  3. Click on Repair Transactions.
  4. Click on Find icon to find the transaction you wish to edit.
  5. A list of transactions will be displayed. Select the appropriate transaction and click the Edit icon to make the required changes.
  6. If your changes affect the closing balances of a previous month, the following warning will appear. If the changes you have made are correct click Yes, otherwise click No.

Please Note

Transactions need to be made outstanding in order to change the amount and to delete.

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