Creating Quick Stock Reconciliation Report

Each agricultural business must produce a stock reconciliation for the accountant each tax year with their tax return.

As you buy or sell any stock, you must enter the relevant enterprise and the number of head in the quantity field, as shown below.

If all transactions involving livestock sales and purchases are entered thus, Agrimaster can access the records for you at the end of the year.


To Create Quick Stock Reconciliation Report

  1. Start in the Cashbook.
  2. Click on Report.
  3. Click on Stock Reconciliation. 
  4. The following screen will be shown.
  5. To tell Agrimaster where to get the data, click Set Data Source.
  6. In this screen, we are giving Agrimaster directions to find the details we require. For example
    we can get all of the sheep purchase numbers and the amount we spend on purchases from the
    two Codes Sheep Purchases and Ram Purchases.
  7. For each field Purchases, Sales and Natural Increase, select if data is to be entered manually or to
    be sourced from the cashbook, select the codes where the relevant numbers will come from and click Include. 
  8. Click the green tick to save the data sources. 
  9. After the data source has been set up you need to click on Get Cashbook Data.
  10. The fields will automatically fill with numbers from the cashbook as follows: 
  11. The other fields need to be filled manually. The Opening Stock Number should be the closing
    stock number from the previous year.
  12. Once they are complete, click on the tick and the Stock Reconciliation Report will be displayed.
    This can be printed for your accountant.
  13. The report can be saved for next year. To do this click on Save Report Format.
  14. Enter a name for the report then click the green tick to save.
  15. You will need to create a separate Stock Reconciliation Report if you have more than one type of
    livestock (sheep, cattle, goats, pigs etc) ensure that you save the reports with a meaningful name
    so that you can find them next year.
  16. Next year to complete your stock reconciliation you can simply come to the Stock Reconciliation
    Report and click on Load Report Format and select the previous years Stock Reconciliation Report.
    The details can simply be changed to build the current year’s report.


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