Automatic And Manual GST Calculation

This article will explain how to swap between automatic calculation of GST to manual GST calculation. 

Agrimaster is set so that the GST proportion in an amount is automatically calculated for values entered using a code that has a GST Category of either Standard or Capital.

Due to rounding convention, sometimes the GST proportion on an invoice will differ from what
Agrimaster calculates the GST to be by up to 5 cents above or below.

Manually Adjust The GST Component:

  1. Highlight the split in which you want to adjust the GST component.
  2. Put your cursor in the amount box.
  3. Click on the black words that say Auto GST or press the / (division key on numeric keypad)
    on your keypad.
  4. A warning may pop up and tell you that you can only adjust by 5 cents up or down from the
    Agrimaster original calculation. 
  5. Click on Yes.
  6. The GST field will now be white and allow you to type in the GST that you want (but no more than 5 cents above or below original calculation).
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