Making Adjustments To Past Periods Fuel Tax

This article is for users wanting to make fuel tax adjustments for BAS.

There are two possible circumstances under which you may wish to make an adjustment to the fuel tax in your BAS. Both problems are dealt with quite differently. 

  1. If you over or under estimate your percentage usage of fuel for a particular area on your BAS you may change the percentages later and this change will be reflected on your BAS.
  2. You incorrectly recorded the litres in a past transaction and you wish to correct this.

Please Note:

The procedures shown in this document will only work if the original fuel tax reports were
completed in Agrimaster.

If you have not claimed your fuel rebates you will need to talk to your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office.

Before you start, ensure all your BAS periods and Fuel tax periods are showing current tax period.

Under/Over Estimate Corrections

  1. Begin on the Home Page.
  2. Click Cashbook.
  3. Go to Report.
  4. Select Tax Reports.
  5. Select Fuel Tax Rebate Adjustments.
  6. Select the fuel tax entity you want to adjust.
  7. Select the fuel tax period you want to adjust. 
  8. Make the adjustment you want to make. 
  9. Save the adjustments.
  10. Check your fuel tax report to see what effect the adjustment has made. 

Incorrect Recording of Litres Correction

  1. Click Cashbook.
  2. Go into Repair Past > Repair Transactions.
  3. Find the transaction with the incorrect litres entered.
  4. Edit the litres so they are correct.
  5. Click the green tick.
  6. A warning will appear stating that a change has been made and it will be recorded on your
    next BAS.
  7. Check your Fuel tax report to see what effect the adjustment has made.
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